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Monday, August 13, 2012

Love's Pursuit by Siri Mitchell

On a rare occasion I read a book that provokes me to deal with issues in my life, to dig deeper in my faith, to be reminded of God's tremendous love. Siri Mitchell's Love's Pursuit is one of those books.

This story is set in the 1640's Massachusetts Bay Colony, a Puritan settlement. One young woman desires marriage and another desires to be unseen. The struggles of their desires collide in a powerful story that reveals God's love and grace.

Susannah Phillips had her destiny mapped out, but fear of an Indian attack gripped the community changing the course of her future. One man she was to marry. Another who desired her. And yet another who challenged her to see life and faith differently than the Puritan she'd been born and raised to be. While threats to her safety and her future grow, she begins to see God in a different light.

Small-hope knew the danger Susannah faced, but fear held her captive. Having experienced abuse at the hands of men, Small-hope saw the signs, but did she have the courage to speak up? Her inner struggle contrasted that of Susannah's life and made Susannah's story that much more poignant.

Complex characters with genuine emotions and realistic conflicts drove this story. I related to them, cried with them, feared with them, and urged them on in their pursuits. These characters became a part of my life as I read.

17th Massachusetts Bay Colony was a time and place of great religious conflict. People had possession of the Scriptures and began to draw their own conclusions of what it said, often contrary to the colony's leadership. Siri did an excellent job of portraying how individuals at that time could come to their conclusions, even when they feared their leaders.

The setting of this story breeds opportunity to weave a spiritual theme. The people of this time and place lived and breathed faith. It would be impossible to write about the Puritans without touching upon their spiritual life. Siri did an excellent job of bringing the reader to the same conclusion as the main character.

After reading the last page, I leaned back in my chair and prayed that one day I might be able to write as Siri Mitchell. She is truly gifted, someone I could learn much from, and someone whom I wish I had the courage to ask to mentor me.

In my opinion, this is one of the best written books I've read on the market today.

If you enjoyed Francine Rivers Redeeming Love, you will enjoy Siri Mitchell's Love's Pursuit.


  1. Thanks, Lynn! Dina gave me her copy to read! There are very few books out there in the Christian market about this era in American history. A very literary book.

  2. There are few books that I have read twice in my life. This is one of them. :)

  3. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. This book took so much emotional energy. I still cry whenever I think of the ending...and there I go again...

  4. This was the first of Siri's books that I read, and was hooked from that day forward. I loved so many things about it--especially how she drew me into the world she created and kept characters real to the time period while struggling with issues that constrained them. Those issues breach the centuries and are just as real today. Wonderful, wonderful book and great review!

  5. SIRI and CATHY, We are so blessed to have you two wonderful authors in our MidAtlantic Zone! So good to see you here, too! Thanks for coming by.

    SIRI, that is neat that your stories grip you that way! When my stories make me cry I know I've gotten through to the emotions I have wanted to convey.

    CATHY, Your Civil War era books did that to me, also. Both of you are able to take your readers to story world!


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