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A Forted Frontier Holiday Anthology

A Forted Frontier Holiday:  A Colonial American Fiction Anthology

While harvesting, the German settlement near New Market, Virginia receives warning of an impending attack by French and Indians war parties. They flee to a quickly cobbled refuge, Fort Providence—for they will surely need to rely on God’s Provision. The forted colonials long to celebrate the holidays and await the arrival of visitors.

Each CQ contributor to this serial will bring their characters into the fort from throughout colonial America. Join us for A Forted Frontier Holiday each Monday on CQ for the next two months!
Part 1 - Inside Fort Providence by Carrie Fancett Pagels (Nov. 5)
Part 2 - A Providential Proposal by Susan Craft (Nov. 12)
Part 3 - Landlocked by Carla Olson Gade (Nov. 19)
Part 4 - Preserve my Life From Fear by Elaine Marie Cooper (Nov. 26)
Part 5 - A Gift from Buckskin Samson by Kathleen Maher (Dec. 3)
Part 6 - Narrow Passage by Pat Iacuzzi (Dec. 10)
Part 7 - Through the Storm by Lynn Squire  (Dec. 17)
Part 8 - Christmastide by Carrie Fancett Pagels (Dec. 24)

Part 9 - Amish Snow by Kelly Long (Dec. 31)
Part 10 - Epiphany by Dina Sleiman (January 7)
Part 11 - Finale by Carrie Fancett Pagels, Pat Iacuzzi, and Kathy Maher (January 14)

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  1. I have shared this link on my Facebook news page! Having so much fun at the tea today! "Mary Lathope" and her maid, Kathleen, from Lane Hill House.

  2. I am so hoping to be lucky and win a book from one of these. Maxie ( )

  3. These books look wonderful!

  4. I don't understand why Part 4 won't come up since it is past NOV. 26th Maxie

  5. I don't think this is a "book" to win by entering a contest. I believe it is a series of articles/chapters written by various authors on the subject.

  6. Love to read this. Putting your button on my blog.


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