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Monday, January 9, 2012

MaryLu Tyndall's Legacy of the Kings Pirates Re-Released!

Take a trip back to the mid-17th century Caribbean when pirates ruled the seas in MaryLu Tyndall's newly re-released pirate series, Legacy of the King's Pirates!  And these aren't just your ordinary pirates... these are pirates who bow the knee to the King of Kings!

The Redemption  (Christy Award Nominee!)

“The Redemption is a wonderful story with fast-paced action, soul searching introspection, and brushes of the miraculous that make the heart swell… Overall, I would deem The Redemption a must read for anyone with a love for a good story, historical pieces in general, pirate works in particular, or just a wish to get away to a tropical paradise for a few hours.”
Roseanna White – Christian Review of Books  

"Redemption has it all... swashbuckling adventure and romance on the high seas, and a boatload of faith. Tyndal's well-researched and masterful storytelling engages both heart and soul from start to finish. Simply wonderful."
Linda Windsor, award-winning author of Blue Moon, #3 of the Moonstruck Romantic Comedy Trilogy

Purchase The Redemption at

The Reliance

Legacy of the Kings Pirates Book 2

By MaryLu Tyndall

Guest Review by Teresa Mathews
Five Stars~ *****

The story of Captain Edmond Merrick and his beautiful wife, Lady Charlisse Hyde continues in this second book in the Legacy of the King’s Pirates. They have had their share of problems and separations but as the story opens they are enjoying some beautiful and peaceful time together and are looking forward to the birth of their first child. They are visiting friends in the Caribbean, when the town is attacked by a band of pirates being led by an evil monster from their past. He is set on destroying their lives.

While trying to get Charlisse back to his ship and away from the horrors of the attack, Capt. Merrick leaves her in the safety of a church, only seconds later to witness an explosion that wipes out the church and all of his hopes for a future with his wife.

After witnessing what he thinks is the death of his lovely wife, Merrick turns his back on the God that could have stopped this from happening, and returns to the life of the evil pirate he once was. When Charlisse is taken captive by the man she fears most, her faith in God wavers also, especially when she thinks she has been abandoned by her husband, and the life of her unborn child is threatened. During this ordeal she comes to realize she must rely on God to be her strength and protection.

Aboard ship Charlisse meets a young woman, Lady Isabel Ashton, that has also been taken captive, and because of her, Charlisse has some protection from the lustful captain who has kidnapped her. When they finally come into port, Charlisse sees Merrick’s ship and hope rises that he will rescue her. With help from an unlikely source, Charlisse and Isabel escape from their captor, only to find out that Merrick is not with his ship but has taken up with another pirate in search of whom he thinks is the main cause of Charlisse’s death.

Will Merrick see the error of his ways…will he listen to that still small voice that he hears speaking to him, or will he keep drowning his sorrows in rum and forget God? How long will it take for Charlisse to find Merrick and when she does, will her love for him be able to survive what her eyes see and her heart cannot believe? Will they realize their only hope for survival is their full reliance on God to see them through?

WOW! What a wonderfully written book. If you like excitement, romance, and a dashing pirate thrown in, then this series is for you. MaryLu Tyndall is a talented writer, from the first page to the very last word printed, she had my full attention. She beautifully weaves a story that will pull you in so that you can almost feel the wind blowing on your face and smell the sea air. But what I really loved was the way she balanced the vileness of the pirates with the marvelous wonder of an awesome, powerful God. This is definite must read, I promise you won’t be disappointed matey!

Purchase The Reliance at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Book.com

The Restitution - Book 3 of the Legacy of the King's Pirates
By MaryLu Tyndall

4 Stars Romantic Times!

Overflowing with action and adventure, the third installment in the Legacy of the King's Pirates series will hold readers in its grip. The characters resonate with humanity in the midst of peril, and the author's detailed research is evident throughout the story. Every situation shows God's protection and provision as the characters' faith is tested. Readers will root for the budding romances.

Romantic Times/Melissa Parcel

Purchase The Restitution at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ChristianBook.com

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  1. Arrrgh! I be wantin' in on this drawing, maties... arrrgh!
    twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

  2. What an awesome review, Teresa! Makes me want to read this series all over again, but, alas, my TBR stack is tumbling over! I haven't even got to poke my nose in Roseanna's new book yet, so that is definitely on my to do list! Please don't enter me as I have already read this wonderful series!

  3. Good luck Pegg! I know ye will be lovin' this book, matie!

  4. I've got number one in the series, I'd love to win #2. Love Pirates.

  5. Love, love, LOVE MaryLu Tyndall!!! Both as an author and a dear friend, so I am BEYOND thrilled these books are being re-released!! You go, girl, and Teresa -- GREAT reviews!!


  6. Thanks Diana
    I had a lot of fun re-reading these books. How can you not love a "godly" pirate? :) MaryLu did a wonderful job creating the perfect pirate.

  7. I read her Charles Towne Belles series and loved it! I'm in for #1 in this series :) I don't know when I'll have time to read it but I would put it right there next to the other two books of hers that I need to read! OH that confession probably disqualified me...

  8. oops...homesteading[at]charter[dot]net

  9. Teresa you did a wonderful review! We've been talking about this series and I really want to read it! It sounds so exciting! The covers are beautiful too!!

  10. Hi Carrie & MaryLu--

    Read this series and I can't say enough about it!!!!! My favorite was the Reliance; helped get me through a particularly "rough patch". So glad they're out again. Luv you, gals!

  11. Hi Carrie & MaryLu--

    Read this series and I can't say enough about it!!!!! My favorite was the Reliance; helped get me through a particularly "rough patch". So glad they're out again. Luv you, gals!

  12. I loved The Redemption. I always meant to read the other books in the series, but didn't. Pirates are fun and MaryLu had a great story.

  13. Hi Everyone! What a treat to see all the lovely comments! Waving at old friends and new! Thank you all so much! This series means so much to me. They are the stories of my heart.. of my own salvation journey and my own path to restitution.
    Bless you all for dropping by! And pretty cool trailer, huh? One of my readers made it for me for free!

  14. Oh how exciting to have these books re-releasing! Just about the time I had decided to pick one up they had disappeared! I've heard wonderful things about this series :)

    Please enter me
    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  15. Keep up the awesome work, MaryLu!


  16. Thank you Julie, what a wonderful compliment coming from you, I feel honored!

  17. Susan Craft said ...

    MaryLu, I can't wait to read your books! I love the trailer. Where did you find the pictures of the ships and the footage of the ocean? Is there a good source of free maritime images?

    1. Hi Susan!

      So glad you like the trailer! I did a search on YouTube and Vimeo for footage. Once I found what I wanted, I just contacted the author of the footage to ask if I could use it. Check the info on the actual YouTube page for authors of the footage and who all contributed.

      Happy searching!

  18. Good morning, Ladies!! Thanks for all your comments. Susan, a friend of mine made this trailer for me. Her name is Joleen Graumann from LifeDance Productions. I have no idea where she got the footage.. but it's really cool, eh? I can give you her contact info if you want..

  19. Well, Random.org picked Marian Baay from the Netherlands as our winner (CQ contributors are not eligible unless it is announced). This is kind of funny because she posted on Overcoming Through Time - With God's Help this week and could not be entered over there to win! Marissa, who also commented on this blog, won a Sarah Sundin book over there. CONGRATS Marian!

  20. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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