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Monday, November 4, 2019

Review of The Witness Tree by Tina St. Clair Rice

Set in Salem, North Carolina and Northwest Georgia in the early 1800s. Denise Weimer takes the reader on a remarkable journey into the past filled with detailed historical elements and painting vivid word-pictures that had me “walking” alongside the characters. I learned about the Moravian people, their way of life, faith and mission to the Cherokee people as well as the lives of the Cherokee people. Two very different cultures with their own unique customs, languages and faith. With a communication barrier and such culture differences, can these two groups of people learn from each other, share the love of God and become friends?

The two main characters, John Kliest and Clarissa Volger, certainly have a huge undertaking ahead of them as they venture into the uncharted frontier---which is daunting enough---add a wedding into the mix is sure to cause even more challenges. I wouldn’t want my husband picked for me in the way Clarissa’s was. Can they overcome their differences, learn to trust each other, allow God to lead them and find love in their new marriage?

As part of the mission, Clarissa is to record the Cherokee language and put it in a written Cherokee syllabary; which I find fascinating. There are those within the Cherokee people who do not want their language recorded and take action to prevent that. The meaning of the “witness tree” and what it represents is an interesting aspect of the story-line. I especially enjoy the historical notes the author includes in the book bringing much detail and depth to the story-line. The Witness Tree is filled with adventure, suspense, romance, dangers, heartache, fears, joys, history that comes to life and faith. A remarkable story.
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  1. The Witness Tree painted a fascinating picture of the Moravians and the Cherokee. Great review, Tina.

  2. Thank you, Tina, for your interesting review. I've been looking forward to reading Denise's latest story. Blessings...

  3. I enjoyed Denise's The Witness Tree! Thanks for this good review.
    Elva Cobb Martin

  4. Thanks so much, ladies!


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