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Monday, May 15, 2017

Review of Denise Weimer's WITCH: Book Three of The Restoration Trilogy

by Tina St. Clair Rice

Jennifer Rushmore is excited. She is about to complete her first preservation job with the relocation of the 1787 log cabin home of the first Dunham doctor—by adding the home to the already restored property of Michael Johnson's ancestors' house and apothecary shop (as we read from the first two books, White and Widow).  As with restoration of the other buildings, things don't always go smoothly. In fact, someone doesn't want her to finish her job.  Why and what lengths will they go to stop her?  There were a couple characters that I thought may be the ones trying to put a stop to the restoration but then something would change my mind about one or two of them.  As the clues unfolded and things became more dangerous they pointed to a surprising person and why—not saying who.

Through treasures (I like that they found treasure from each part of the restoration project and included it for us readers) from the log cabin we step back in time via the portal of the diary of Verity Dunham as she chronicled her experiences—including a traumatic time that left lifelong affects on her (not giving details as I don't want to spoil it) and may even shed some light on events of present day occurrences.  I really felt for this woman, her family and all they went through.

It was good to see Jennifer as she continued to grow in confidence in her abilities as a restoration professional.  Her growth in her faith was evident in how she lived in her personal life as well as her professional one—loved seeing that.  She still has struggles, that is what makes her character so real. She is so much stronger than she ever thought and when her mother shows up at her door unexpectedly, bringing past hurts and emotions with her, they both are in for some challenges, but surprises as well.

Michael continues to have struggles as well with his past.  I like the changes I see in him as he starts to open up a bit to Jennifer and God.  However, he still has secrets that he needs to deal with as Jennifer as done with him.  He runs the risk of her leaving before he shares his love for her.  Can he open his heart fully to God's healing and the love Jennifer offers before it is too late? 

I wasn't sure I wanted to read this book because of the title, Witch. However, it doesn't deal with
casting spells, etc, for which I was happy about, as I don't read those kinds of books—there is a reason for the title that I won't explain here...you'll have to read it to find out.  Denise Weimer has written a story spanning over two centuries with characters that are true-to-life with challenges and struggles much like we face today, family dynamics, career decisions which impacts life decisions, unexpected surprises, mystery and suspense, body/murder—recent or from the past?, strong community, forgiveness, learning to trust others and God, faith and love.  A recurring theme throughout the series is God's healing, forgiveness, restoration and love...which also is a recurring theme in the characters lives.  I appreciate the inspirational elements woven throughout the storyline and have enjoyed reading Jennifer and Michael's story.

~I received an e-book from the author via TBCN, (no monetary gain were exchanged), this is my honest review~


  1. I have so little time to read and so many good books are waiting for me to pick them up (or click on them on my Kindle!). I've been interested in Denise's stories for quite awhile and hope to catch up on the soon. You've sold me, Tina!

    1. Thank you Debra.
      I have an ever growing TBR list too Debra. Hope you get to read this soon and the other books in the series.
      Blessings, Tina

  2. Oh this sounds wonderful! I, too, was concerned about the title.... not any more 😊 Blessings


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