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Friday, December 16, 2016

Review of ECPA Bestseller The Blue Ribbon Brides Collection -- By Tina Rice

The Blue Ribbon Brides Collection: 9 Historical Women Win More Than A Blue Ribbon at the Fair

(Barbour Publishing, November 2016)

Five Stars *****
Reviewed by Tina Rice

Two members of the Colonial American Christian Writers group contributed to this December Evangelical Christian Publishers' Association (ECPA) Bestseller!!!

Requilted With Love
by Carrie Fancett Pagels
1889...North of Lansing, Michigan....Sarah Richmond is hopeful of winning a Blue Ribbon as she enters her quilt in the Michigan State Fair and knows exactly what she will do with the winnings—nothing for herself. She has suffered grief more than once in her young life and has strong feelings on certain things, like balloonists for one—I can certainly understand her feelings and fears. Even though she has decided to live a certain way, God has other plans for her. Will she trust God's guidance?

I love Sarah's spirit, courage and faith. I was hoping she would find peace from her past griefs and love—and a blue ribbon. I love Grant Bentley's integrity and determination, although he tends to be bossy at times...he means well. Like Sarah, he has suffered grief and heartache. He is hiding something from Sarah that may end a budding romance before it even begins. I like his friend, Lee Hudgins, who is a big tease with a southern drawl. Sarah's Aunt Bonnie Swanson is a “character”, and loud—Grant likens her to a “conjured hurricane images and the bane of his existence”, but she is loveable. Bonnie's little daughter, Lila, quickly captured my heart. There are a couple characters I did not like much...one man was a scoundrel and his lady friend a schemer and liar—they were perfect for each other.

This is a fun, humorous, heartwarming and romantic story. There are heartbreaks, grief—some long held grief, forgiveness, reconciliation, second chances, learning to trust and lean on God as He guides, dreams, love and faith and a surprising ending.
(I had the privilege to be one of the beta readers for this story (no monetary gain were exchanged), this is my honest review)

Altered Hearts
by Gina Welborn
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1908 county fair...Reba Diehl creates beautiful hats and wins ribbons for them. Winning ribbons is one thing but what about her dream? Levi Webber loves horticulture but will he be forever stuck on his family farm instead of following his dream? Misunderstandings and heartbreak follow for Reba and Levi, will they find a way to overcome them? Wasn't sure I liked Levi at first as he is a bit presumptuous, but I liked him by the end of the story. I really liked Reba, her determination to make her dream come true and learn from her mistakes. Fun heartwarming story.

Available for purchase from Christian Book Distributors, Barnes & Noble, your local bookstores (call ahead and check!), and Amazon.

You can read the rest of Tina's review online (click here!)

CFP: Thank you Tina for the lovely review and thanks for being a beta reader on this project! We're delighted that this story has made the ECPA Bestseller list praise be to God!


  1. Thanks, Miss Tina! I look forward to catching up with all of these novellas in this collection. I read Niki Turner's story before publication and I loved how she wove the theme in so well. I loved it. Congratulations to all the authors for the BestSelling status!

    1. Niki is such a talented writer, Deb. If you click on the link you can read Tina's review of Niki's, too! Thanks -- we are thrilled to have BRB become an ECPA bestseller and for God to bless us all with that!

  2. Debra, this is a fun collection of novellas. I am sure you will enjoy them all.
    Blessings, Tina

  3. Congratulations on the ECPA best seller! Well deserved.

  4. Thanks so much, Tina, for the lovely review! This was such a fun collection and what a blessing to have Blue Ribbon Brides make the ECPA bestseller list, PTL!

    1. Thank you Carrie! Congratulations!

  5. Lovely review of a wonderful collection, Tina!

    1. Thank you Betti. Hope you get to read it soon.


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