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Thursday, July 16, 2015

New American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, Partially Opened -- Some Glimpses!

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Currently entitled the Yorktown Victory Center, there has been construction for over a year on the new American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. Above is a picture of the Welcome Center.  Below is my son by one of the new meeting rooms in this brand new Visitors' Center at the museum. This portion is partially open.

Clark Pagels by poster for new American Revolution Museum in Yorktown, Virginia

We were able to watch one of the recently produced short films about freedom and liberty while we were there. The building is large, spacious, and important-for-Virginia Air-CONDITIONED!  There are three movies that rotate, timewise, in the theater room.

Although some of the items from the original museum are being brought over, that museum is closed (which is disappointing) as the larger new museum is built. It will open in 2016 to great fanfare here in Yorktown. We're hoping some of the Colonial Quills contributors will be here to celebrate together when the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown opens!

You know we love our Tea Parties here on Colonial Quills blog and it was neat to see this pewter teapot (secured for the display) in the main hall.  Across from the teapot is the American Revolutionary War Time line.  This is mounted on the wall and visitors can walk along and read how history progressed during that time.

George Washington statue - Clark Pagels

I wonder how many tourists have had their picture taken with George Washington? This is a perfect photo opportunity if ever there was one!

Question: Have you been to the Victory Center in Yorktown?  Do you plan to come for the Grand Opening of the new American Revolution Center at Yorktown in 2016?


  1. Google Maps says it's 900 miles away with road construction almost every mile. (Slight exaggeration - but not much.) So I doubt I'll be there. But I hope you get a group there!

    1. Yes, it is a long drive, Pegg! But the whole Historic Triangle of Virginia is SO worth it!


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