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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Bicentennial Almanac

The Bicentennial Almanac
Edited by Calvin D. Linton
The back cover statement of this book begins with: “You are holding a cherished book—a panorama of American life celebrating the 200th birthday of America. Relive year-by-year, and month-by-month the important, the unusual, and the everyday events that shaped our nation’s first two hundred years. Many books highlight the outstanding or critical years in American life … The Bicentennial Almanac is filled not only with the events of major years, but with the little known, almost forgotten fragments, that form a 200-year diary of America.” (italics are mine).
This is a description of a wonderful book published by Thomas Nelson in 1976 for our country’s Bicentennial celebration. As a writer, I enjoy gleaning those bits of information about unusual or nearly forgotten experiences or people that can provide ideas for an original story line or theme.
Like a diary, the Bicentennial Almanac notes real people that influenced this country for good or bad, the natural disasters that befell us, the dangers of westward expansion, and behind-the-scenes political and financial maneuverings that dragged America into major wars.
        This book is well-illustrated with the earliest photos and paintings of people and events; including a photo of the actual headlines and front page copy about the sinking of the Titanic in the Chicago Daily Tribune. Or see photos from the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. On a lighter note, I’d never known that Meriwether Lewis (of the Lewis & Clark Expedition) had actually acted as mid-wife for Sacagawea, their Native American guide.
Obtaining a copy: I purchased this book a few years back at a library book sale (a great place to hang out). It's available on Amazon, Google books and eBay, or check out your local libraries. My county library system still has two of them to loan, but since they’re older copies, they may not remain on the shelves for many more years. My rating: 4.5 stars (information good, but I caught a couple of printing errors).


  1. Now I want a copy, Pat! Is it a huge book? They should revive it and bring it out on Kindle! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Carrie--

    Thank you so much for stopping in...must put out an all-pts. bulletin, though it is late. (Was out of town). Yep--a big book; don't see a revival anytime soon. These are the precious ones that will go out of print, but am so glad I own and can hand down. The Steve Laube Agency just had a Fun Friday video on reading an actual physical book--lol! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. It sounds like a fascinating book, Pat, and it must be huge. I had to wait years for a reprinting of a beloved book I regretted not purchasing the first time I read it. Thanks for sharing the information about it.

  4. Hi Janet--

    I appreciate your stopping by. It is big-- phone book size, but only has 448 pgs. I've read novels about the same length. But this uses heavier paper, and does have full-pg. paintings of all the presidents. It also reads like a diary--Like hindsight, you see how an event impacts something else a few years down the line.

  5. What a treasure! What was I doing in '76 that I missed its publication? On the hunt now.

  6. The book sounds fantastic, Pat! And portraits of each of the presidents? I'd love to have that on my bookshelf! Thanks for the review!

  7. While waiting for the "reply" box to open, I read Judith's note above and had to laugh! What was I doing in 1776? Birthing my bicentennial son, who is now in the military! LOL!

    Pat, this book sounds like a treasure and a keeper! Going to Amazon to see if I can still find a copy. Thank you so much!

  8. Okay, ladies, don't take all the copies. I better hop over to Amazon and look as well. This sounds like a great resource!

    Thanks Pat!

    Pat and I had to cancel our trip back to the French and Indian War (earlier this month) but I'm hoping we can get another historical trip in this summer or fall. Isn't it great to have a buddy to go back in time with?

  9. I just found a used hardcover copy for .99 + 3.99 shipping from a seller in my state on Alibris.com!
    I'm sure all of the big used book sellers list on Amazon, but I sometimes find good deals on Alibris. If you haven't heard of them check them out.
    I think I first found them when searching for an old beekeeping book for my Dad's b-day one year...

  10. Hi Everyone--

    So glad you all could make it! I'm with you Judith--don't know how I missed it then back then either! Rebecca--so you have an affinity for the portraits/painting/art--sounds good to me! Thanks for stopping in! And Elaine--I'm with you, gal--though he wasn't a '76-er, my son was born on the 4th of July ('73)! Was watching Yankee Doodle Dandy at the time. :) god bless your boy in the military.

    Oh, Deb...am so-o-o sorry I missed this trip--what a summer hi-light! (Would certainly rather have been at Ft. Niagara than where I was.) I like that idea of "going back in time"....

    And Patty--how wonderful--thank you for that information! Priceless. Truly ladies, this book is a precious hand-me-down for the next generation.

  11. Oh boy. This sounds like a must have resource. Off to hunt down my copy. Checking our library first. Thank you, Pat!


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