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Monday, September 3, 2012

New Release Review: J. M. Hochstetler's Crucible of War

Crucible of War
American Patriot Series 4
By J. M. Hochstetler
Sheaf House, September 3 2012

Reviewed by Lori Benton

Brigadier General Jonathan Carleton rejoins General George Washington’s army to find the patriot cause on the verge of extinction. In a daring gamble the American force crosses the Delaware on Christmas night 1776, to defeat outposts at Trenton and Princeton before vanishing into the mountain bastions around Morristown. 

Drawn ever deeper into the intrigues that swirl around British General William Howe, Elizabeth Howard and her aunt, Tess, move to Philadelphia in summer 1777 to gather intelligence while waiting for the British attack. 

Ambushed and almost captured as the Americans dig in at Brandywine Creek, Carleton is transferred to General Horatio Gates’s army in the upper Hudson Valley where British General John Burgoyne closes in on Saratoga. With decisive battles looming, Elizabeth and Carleton face a crucible of war that tests their mettle, faith, and love to the very limits.


Waiting for this fourth book in the American Patriot series was a little like the long wait for each other that characters Jonathan and Elizabeth have been forced to endure. But now our wait is over. Crucible of War is here and at the start we find Jonathan back from the frontier and his life with the Shawnee put on hold. That doesn’t mean he’s happy about it. Crucible of War delves into Jonathan’s struggles to force himself back into a mold his soul no longer fits, and into a relationship with Elizabeth Howard he’d once thought lost, while the tides of war continue to swirl around them and threaten repeatedly to sweep them apart. Will their love again be put on hold?

As in her previous installments in the American Patriot series, J. M. Hochstetler weaves an historical tapestry rich in detail and accuracy, a riveting story of adventure (battles and narrow escapes), intrigue (the spying continues), and a romance (complicated with excruciating tension by the presence of Elizabeth’s friend and would-be suitor, the physician Pieter Vander Groot) in which choices must be made that wrench the heart but honor God.

J. M. Hochstetler has given us an engaging new chapter in the on-going saga of how an enduring nation—and an equally enduring romance—were forged in the Crucible of War.
Historic. Romantic. Riveting. Rich and multi-layered, Crucible of War is the epic continuation of an unforgettable series. Joan Hochstetler gives us a rare glimpse into America's past, leaving the reader enriched and wanting more. I highly recommend this amazing book and series! ~ Laura Frantz, author of The Colonel's Lady and Love's Reckoning
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An award-winning author and editor, J. M. Hochstetler is the daughter of Mennonite farmers, a graduate of Indiana University, a professional editor, and a lifelong student of history. Her contemporary novel One Holy Night was the Christian Small Publishers 2009 Book of the Year and finalist for the American Christian Fiction Writers 2009 Carol Award. Formerly an editor with Abingdon Press, she is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Middle Tennessee Christian Writers, and Military Writers Society of America.

Visit her website here: http://www.jmhochstetler.com/  Or The American Patriot Series blog here: http://americanpatriotseries.blogspot.com/


  1. The 1700's is such a facinating time period! I will have to check out J. M. Hochsteler's books!

    1. Susan, it's my favorite century in history, pretty much across the globe. I'm sure you will enjoy J. M. Hochstetler's American Patriot Series, and you can't help but learn a lot about the Rev War along the way. Historical fiction, when it's well researched, is a great way to learn history. And I can personally attest that Joan's books are VERY well researched. :)

    2. I admit to being compulsive about research, territory you know very well yourself, Lori! lol! Can't wait for Willa to come out. :-)

  2. Thank you so much, Lori, for this wonderful review! You are very, very kind, and I so appreciate your kind words. Susan, I agree that the 1700s are an especially fascinating period. The leaders we had in this country during the Revolutionary period were giants, and I hope we never forget the principles they founded our nation on!

  3. All your books sounds so great! I'm wishing for more reading time right now. I love this time period. Going on my TBR pile.

  4. Jennifer, I have the same problem--too many books, too little reading time. lol! And as a writer, it's too many intriguing resource materials I want to pore over...see comment above about being compulsive. ;->

  5. I am looking forward to reading this series. The first 3 are actually in my to be read pile right now. Hopefully, I will start it in the next month.

  6. Thank you for stopping by, Amy! I hope you enjoy the series. :-)

  7. Nice review LORI and congrats to JOAN!! Many blessings! I absolutely loved the first book in the series. Hope to catch up with the rest of the books soon.

  8. "Crucible if War" has been just great so far! I'm enjoying it as much as the first three! This is one of those series that I'll be reading several times!
    Such a great book and series, Joan!


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