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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Deer Run Series - Review by Lisa Norato

The Road to Deer Run, Book One

by Elaine Cooper
Publisher: iUniverse

Mary Thomsen is a young Colonial woman who has lost a beloved brother to the Revolutionary War. Daniel Lowe is a British soldier fighting for the enemy. When Mary finds Daniel seriously wounded in the woodlands by her home, she is presented with an awesome decision. There are so many reasons why she should not help this man, the most pressing being the danger she would be placing herself, her mother and her sister in—three women left to fend for themselves, because all their menfolk are away at war. What would happen to them if they were caught harboring an enemy soldier? But Christ’s message of the good Samaritan burns in Mary’s heart. She does help Daniel and so begins their love story amongst great danger.

The Road to Deer Run was inspired by the true account of Elaine’s fourth great grandfather who fought for England in Burgoyne’s army. When the redcoats surrendered at Saratoga, he escaped while on his way to prison then met and married her American grandmother.

I loved every moment of this novel. It wrenched my heart and brought tears to my eyes with its sadness, poignancy and warmth. It is a story of romantic and family love and of overcoming adversity through faith. I also really enjoyed the chapter headings which hit to the heart of the messages within.

The Promise of Deer Run, Book Two
It was such a pleasure for me to return once again to Deer Run! It’s been seven years since the Revolutionary War ended, and now it is Sarah Thomsen’s turn (little sister of heroine Mary from Book One) to experience the joys and heartaches of love. Nathaniel Stern is a lonely war veteran who suffers deep, emotional battle scars as he long awaits his father’s return from war and mourns the loss of his younger brother.

Sarah and Nathaniel have eyes only for each other. Their sweet and tender courtship will stir feelings of young love in even the oldest of readers. When a spurned suitor slanders Nathaniel with an unconfirmed story, Sarah falls victim to distrust and the couple are torn apart. Nathaniel is deeply wounded by Sarah’s lack of faith in him, and it will be a long road to forgiveness. Meanwhile, Mary’s and Daniel’s story continues. Their family has grown immensely and continues to grow, as does the family of their brother, James Thomsen. Mary’s and Sarah’s midwife mother is now re-married and continuing her practice, but she has her own troubles at home with a sickly husband. Still, the mysterious disappearance of Nathaniel’s father haunts him with no explanation as to what could have happen to the man.
Along the way, there are little treasures of subplots—like the miracle of the woven flax and the birth compared to that of the Christ child. The Promise of Deer Run was a joy to read and a book historical fans and Christian readers dare not miss!

Reviewed by Lisa Norato (www.lisanorato.com) Lisa is a member of Colonial American Christian Writers.  This is her first guest post for Colonial Quills.

Elaine accepting first place for the 2012 Los Angeles Book Festival Award in the Romance Category.


  1. Lisa, thank you so much for these lovely reviews of the first two books in my Deer Run Saga! What a joy to know these books blessed you.

  2. Elaine, my pleasure! The books did bless me and I'd like to again say congratulations on your award from the Los Angeles Book Festival. I enjoyed your acceptance speech and wish you continued success!

  3. What a lovely acceptance speech, Elaine. I'm sure you made God smile.

  4. Such a great review and spotlight on Elaine's great books. I, too, feel the same about her writing history in such a poignant, wonderful way. I can't wait to hear more about what she's working on next. Like Susan, I think the Lord was smiling on you that day:)

  5. Thank you for the guest review, Lisa! It is great having you do this review for Colonial Quills.

    Elaine, congrats! It is funny because I met my husband in an apartment complex named Deer Run!

    1. Too funny, Carrie! I actually named this village after my cousin's street name. LOL. I guess after seeing your story, it truly IS a place of romance! :-)

  6. Sounds like I will have to keep an eye out for these books! Thank you!

  7. Hi Ladies....

    First of all I have to say congratulations Elaine--Los Angeles--Wow! The Lord has shown through you! Continued blessings on your writing endeavors; and thank you Lisa for the great in-depth review!

  8. Thank you everyone! You are all so sweet and gracious and I so appreciate your encouraging words! I am enroute home (right now at the airport!) after two weeks with my son and his family. Sorry I have been missing in action. Blessings to all of you


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