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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weathering the storm

Some of our Quillers are out to sea with no electricity, etc. due to the hurricane on the east coast.   Please pray for safety and well being for those affected by the storm.

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  1. What a crazy storm. Irene did some damage where you'd least expect --upstate NY and VT.

    Hope everyone's back to 'normal' soon.

  2. My parents in MA and ME are still without electricity. Ours was out for a while and a few bridges have washed out in ME, but for the most part things are good here in central ME. . . all except my headaches from the barometric pressure changes. Makes me wonder how folks managed in colonial times during events like this. I'm sure they relied on Poor Richards Almanac and perhaps some nautical instruments for predicting the weather. I wonder what folk lore they had.

  3. I was starting to worry when I kept checking back today and didn't see a post. Glad you both are okay, Debra and Carla, and I guess Carrie is too since I saw her on facebook. I'll be praying for anyone else caught in the aftermath!

  4. Oh, and I meant to say, love the ship painting!

  5. So glad to see you all here and know you're safe, Carla. We watched the national news tonight and were just blown away (poor word choice) by the damage. Like MaryLu, I was a bit worried and kept checking back, too, but knew it was storm-related. Beautiful picture! Bless you all.

  6. We did better than we expected on the NC coast, although I'm more inland, but have family further east. Praying everyone is safe and will soon get their power turned back on and that there is little to no damage to their homes.


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