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Monday, August 22, 2011

Book Review of Redeeming the Rogue by C.J. Chase

Redeeming the Rogue by C.J. Chase

Love Inspired Historical

August 2011

Review by Rachel Wilder

I'm going to start off by saying I'm not your typical book reviewer. If you're looking for a rehash of the back cover copy or a synopsis, you're in the wrong place.

My mom bought the book last week without even knowing that I wanted to read it or was supposed to review it. I hadn't told her yet. Fashion nerd that I am the first thing I noticed was the hero's trousers. An actual proper button flap on them!

This is CJ's debut novel, and it is a rich historical romantic suspense. Yes, suspense.

Kit DeChambelle has spent ten years as a spy and his deceit and choices haunt him. Innocent blood stains his hands and his heart. I was very surprised and pleased to see him dealing with his guilt in a way that many people did back then. He turns to drink. Whiskey and brandy. As weird as this sounds, this is one of my favorite things about the book. Kit's humanity is palpable.

Mattie Fraser is in London seeking revenge on the British naval captain who impressed her brother. She is armed and dangerous and more than willing to pull the trigger. Again, her humanness stands out. I don't read a lot of LIH's because so many of them tend to gloss over the seedier parts of life. Not this time. Mattie's had a rough life and she struggles to leave it behind.

Neither character starts out as a Christian. By the end, both have come to Christ, of course. This is a Christian novel after all. Their journeys to faith are well done, believable, and don't come across as preachy. This is something that's very important to me.

The street orphan, Nicky, is a wonderful addition to the cast of characters. I immediately fell in love with him. Again, CJ deftly handled the reality of the time without getting bogged down in the gory details.

This debut is a thrilling read that I heartily recommend. I look forward to more from CJ!


  1. Thanks for the review, Rachel! I really enjoyed this book by CJ!

  2. Rachel, Thanks for such an interesting, transparent review! I think CJ's Kit and my Cass have a few things in common;) I've always loved the cover of this one and can't wait to read, especially now that you've given us your impressions. Quite an inviting review!

  3. Thank you, Laura. I always want to know what makes a book different, why are the characters worth my time. So that's what I try to convey when I do a review.

  4. Thank you for your kind words, Rachel -- and I'm really glad you enjoyed the book.

  5. What a great review, Rachel, you write with a refreshing style and your enthusiasm comes across so well.

    Well, I left my copy of Laura's The Colonel's Lady at my brother's house in MA and have been reading my Mom's copy. Now am at home and ran into Walmart to pick up Redeeming the Rogue. It's a tough act to follow, C.J. but I can't wait to start reading. I love historic suspense and I'm so excited about your debut novel! Great chatting with you on the phone at while I was at Colonial Williamsburg.

  6. Redeeming the Rogue definitely sounds like my kind of reading! Another to add to my must-read list!


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