7 Year Tea Party Winners: Susan Craft's winner of her trilogy novels - The Chamomile, Laurel, and Cassia is: Lucy Reynolds, The winner of a copy of The Backcountry Brides is: Tammy Cordery, the winner of a silver quill charm is: Kathy Maher, Choice of one of three books by Carrie Fancett Pagels in paperback: Joy Ellis, A Bouquet of Brides Collection by Pegg Thomas winner is: Becky Smith, Janet Grunst's Selah-Award winning novel, A Heart Set Free, is: Sherry Moe.

Fiction List

Over the past decade there has been a consistent stream of early American Inspirational Fiction published, including many Colonial American titles. And many more are forthcoming.

We hope this list will encourage you to pick up one of these fabulous books!

Releases by our contributing authors at Colonial Quills have a quill by them. 

Early American Inspirational Fiction:
Mark Ammerman - Cross and Tomahawk series, 1750’s (2005, River Oak)

Barbara Blythe - Fire Dragon's Angel, 1676  (12/2010, White Rose)

T. Davis Bunn, Isabella Bunn - Heirs of Acadia series (2005, Bethany)

T. Davis Bunn, Janette Oke - Song of Acadia series (2002, Bethany)

Jamie CarieThe Duchess and the Dragon, early 1800’s (2008, B & H); Wind Dancer, (1/2010, B & H); Angel’s Den, 1808, (2008, B & H), 
Pirate of my Heart (9/11)

Carla Capshaw - The Duke's Redemption, 1780 Charles Towne, S. Carolina (1/2010, Steeple Hill)

C.J. Chase - Redeeming the Rogue, England 1815 (8/2011, Steeple Hill)

Dorothy Clark - Beauty for Ashes, 1820 Philadelphia (2004, Steeple Hill); Joy for Mourning, 1822 Philadelphia (2005, Steeple Hill)

Elaine Cooper - Road to Deer Run (2010, iUniverse)

Susan F. Craft - The Chamomile  Revolutionary War in Charleston, SC (2011, Ingalls Publishing Group)

Dianna Crawford - The Reardon Brothers series (2002, Tyndale), Reardon Valley series (2003, Tyndale)

Margaret Daley - From This Day Forward, 1816 Charleston (9/11, Summerside)

Susan Page Davis - Return to Love, A New Joy, Abiding Peace (White Mountain Brides), 1689-1696 New Hampshire (2009, Barbour), The Prisoner's Wife (2008, Barbour)

Lena Nelson Dooley - Pirates Prize (2006, Barbour), 1805 Spanish West Florida

Laurie Alice Eakes - The Glassblower (2009, Barbour), Lady in the Mist (2011, Revell)

Eakes/Griffin/Taylor/Welborn - Highland Crossings, 1740-1815, NC (1/12)

Eakes/Gade/Stockton/Richardson - Colonial Courtships1752-62 Connecticut River (5/12)

Rosslyn ElliottFairer than Morning (Sadler’s Legacy trilogy), 1825 Ohio and Pennsylvania (5/11, Thomas Nelson)

Darlene Franklin - Beacon of Love, 1815 Rhode Island (2009, Barbour), Bridge to Love , 1816 Vermont (2010, Barbour), The Prodigal Patriot, 1777 Vermont (6/2010, Barbour)

Laura Frantz - The Frontiersman’s Daughter (2009, Revell), Courting Morrow Little (7/2010, Revell), The Colonial's Lady, 1779 Kentucky (8/11, Revell). The Ballantyne Legacy, Book 1, 1785 Pennsylvania (9/2012, Revell). 

April Gardner - Wounded Spirits, 1813 Mississippi Territory (2010, Vinspire)

Rita Gerlach - Surrender the Wind (8/2009, Abingdon), The Rebel's Pledge, 1687 Colonial Maryland and England ( 7/12, CreateSpace/Amazon Kindle), The Daughters of the Potomac series - book 1 Before the Scarlet Dawn, book 2 Beside Two Rivers, book 3 Beyond the Valley - published by Abingdon Press. Thorns In Eden and The Everlasting Mountains. 

Deeanne Gist - A Bride Most Begrudging, 1643 (2005, Bethany)

Louise M. Gouge - Love Thine Enemy, 1775 East Florida Colony (2009, Steeple Hill); The Captain's Lady, 1776 (3/2010, Steeple Hill), At the Captain's Command (2011, Steeple Hill) 

J M. Hochstetler - Daughter of Liberty (3/2012); Native Son (4/2012); Wind of the Spirit Heritage Edition (3/2013), Crucible of War (9/2012), The American Patriot Series (Sheaf House), Northkill with Bob Hostetler, Northkill Amish Series (Sheaf House) set during the French & Indian War.

Gloria Waldron Hukle Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple, Threads: An American Tapestry, 16th/17th century New York (2009, Author House) 

Angela Elwell Hunt - Keepers of the Ring series (2000)

Kathleen Kent - The Heretic's Daughter, 1695 Massachusetts Bay Colony (2008, Reagan Arthur); The Wolves of Andover, 1600’s Massachusetts Bay Colony (2010, Reagan Arthur)

Susan Meissner -The Shape of Mercy, subplot 1692 Massachusetts Bay Colony (2008, Waterbrook)

Siri Mitchell - Love's Pursuit, 1640’s Massachusetts Bay Colony (6/2009). The Messenger, 1788 Philadelphia (2012).

Gilbert MorrisHouse of Winslow series, 1620-1798 (1990, Bethany); The Liberty Bell series (2000, Bethany); Spirit of Appalachia series (2002, Bethany)

Nancy Moser - Washington's Lady, 1770’s (2008, Bethany)

Lisa Norato - The Promise Keeper (1825), Prize of My Heart (1815, Bethany), Sea Heroes of Duxbury. 

Golden Keyes Parsons - Where Hearts are Free (9/2010, Thomas Nelson)

Marlo Schalesky - The Winds of Freedom series (2001)

Dina Sleiman - Love in Three-Quarter Time, 1817 Virginia (2012, Zondervan)

Amber Miller -  Promises, PromisesQuills & Promises; Deceptive Promises 

Amber Stockton - Liberty's Promise, 1739-1774 Pennsylvania (2008, Barbour) 

Kay Marshall Strom - The Triumph of Grace (book 3, Grace in Africa trilogy), 1793 South Carolina (2/2011, Abingdon)

Taylor/Sanders/Schrock/Williams - Quakers of New Garden (1808 - Contemporary) 4 novellas 

Jennifer Hudson Taylor - For Love or Loyalty (Book 1, 1760, The MacGregory Legacy). For Love or Country (Book 2, 1781). For Love or Liberty (Book 3, 1813). Highland Blessings (Book 1, Medieval) and Highland Sanctuary (Book 2, Medieval). Awakened Redemption (1815).

Mary Lu Tyndall The Red Siren, The Blue Enchantress, The Raven Saint (Charles Towne Belles trilogy) (2010, Barbour); Surrender the Heart, 1810 Baltimore (2010, Barbour); Surrender the Night, 1812 Baltimore (2011, Barbour), Surrender the Dawn (Surrender to Destiny trilogy), 1814 Baltimore (8/2011, Barbour) The Redemption, The Reliance, The Restitution (Legacy of the King's Pirates trilogy) 1665 Caribbean (2011 Misson Books). Veil of Pearls1811 Charleston (7/12) 

Roseanna White - Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland, 1783 (12/11, Summerside Press) 

Susan F. Craft - Laurel, sequel to The Chamomile. Release date January 2015. (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas)

To be released in 2015

Carrie Fancett Pagels - Saving the Marquise's Granddaughter. Releasing in 2015. (White Rose/Pelican)

Tamera Lynn Kraft - A Christmas Promise (Pelican Book Group) 2013