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Monday, April 1, 2013

Shirley Plantation and Carrie Fancett Pagels' Blog Tour

Shirley Plantation Great House
I am interviewed on my own blog Overcoming With God this week by Marian Baay, our European reviewer who is also a freelance editor for Kok international in the Netherlands.  Our senior reviewer, Diana L. Flowers, our reviewer/poetess Teresa Mathews, and Australian reviewer Noela Nancarrow are also putting up reviews and hosting a Pink Party online this week at www.OvercomingWithGod.com.  So come on by!  Prizes all week long!

Shirley Plantation has many amazing outbuildings!

Brand new blogger and fellow Michigander, Nancee Marchinowski, has her review up of "Return to Shirley Plantation: A Civil War Romance" and a giveaway.  Make sure to Follow Nancee's blog called Perspectives By Nancee!

Side Exterior of Storehouse

The lovely Debbie Lynne Costello has my post up all week in which I name "Three Thoughts on God' Provision After Delay."  Like this storehouse on the left, from Shirley Plantation, sometimes God is piling up blessings for us and waiting.  I am not talking about writing in my post on Debbie Lynne's blog, though--I am talking about how I waited a very long time to receive a blessing God promised me.  My son.  Not a book publication.  My boy. Who turns eleven this week, praise the Lord for His provision.

Now off to spend more quality time with my big blessing while he is on Spring Break!  Comments are closed BUT  put   "CQ"  on your comments on these three blogs' post and I will count your entry THREE times (each blog) for the giveaways!!!  And BTW, in case you didn't guess it, I have a WONDERFUL place I plan to go this week, not on a blog, but out to historic Shirley Plantation.  There is nothing like it--with original Great House and multiple original outbuildings!  Can't wait to go again and of course my sweet child will go with me.  And possibly some friends.  Won't you put a trip to Shirley Plantation on your schedule?


  1. Would love to join you on that trip to Shirley Plantation. But, alas, I'm not in that area - and not likely to be any time soon. That's why I'm so grateful for your descriptions and photos.

  2. I loved the recent dates on the photos! I didn't realize you had been there and... going again. Have a wonderful time! CQ
    Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  3. Love that aerial photo of Shirley Plantation! Enjoyed my visit when I was there and wish I could return.


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