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Friday, October 12, 2012

Early Christmas Gift Coming Soon--A Serialized Forted Frontier American Christmas Collection

By: Carrie Fancett Pagels

A handful of our Colonial Quills writers will be contributing to a serialized collection of linked stories--set in colonial America.  We are offering this series as a gift to our readers as a lead up to the big event of Christmas.  

Here are some questions for our readers:

When you think of colonial forts, what images come to mind?

If you were to pick a place for the story to be set, would you have it in New York, Virginia, or Pennsylvania?

Do you have an ancestor's name you'd love for us to include in the stories?  What did your ancestor do? Note: The person would have to be portrayed in a positive light.  

Is there a specific craft from colonial America that you enjoy?

What extra special activities do you  believe colonists would have to do leading up to the Christmas evening?

How might persons of your denomination celebrated Christmas?

Would you like to see  broad range of persons from various countries (which is what I am hoping for!) or would you prefer a focus on a specific group?

Finally--Will you be coming by to read the stories once we start them? 

Hoping to hear a rousing HUZZAH!!!


  1. My pastor has a direct relative that was the quartermaster for General Lafayette and several of the Virginia regiments in the Revolutionary War. This same individual was also a 2nd Lieutenant under the young Colonel George Washington in the French and Indian War. Are you interested in his information?

    1. Tell us all about him! Thanks! This should be fun as we will all be showcasing some of our favorite characters in the stories. Some new, some old, some in between!

  2. I love reading colonial stories from New York,(my hometown), from upstate New York to Long Island. I love to identify the areas that I am familar with. I would definitely come by to read them.
    Linda Cacaci

    1. Thanks Linda. I know we have at least one person traveling from New York in our story. I will as Pat Iacuzzi to contact you!

  3. When I think of forts, I think of Indian raids. I live not far from where Mary Ingles Draper was kidnapped.
    I have to pick York, because I am a Virginian.
    I am a descendant of General Anthony Mad Wayne. (A great ghost story goes with him). He was pretty interesting.
    I have another ancestor, named Daniel that purchased 300 plus acres in the mountains of VA. He signed for these on deer skin. He donated part of his land to a church that still standing today.
    I see a lot of quilting going on back then.
    I'm not sure about the Christmas traditions back then.
    Most of my "people" were Scottish, Irish, and German.
    I look forward to see what story you girls come up with.
    Amy c
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

    1. Amy, I really have to get in touch with you. will try to go by FB tomorrow or will email you. Thanks for sharing! One of my friend's wife is a descendant Mary. blessings!


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