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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Colonial Recipes: Sally Lunn

Sally Lunn

George Washington was so fond of Sally Lunn that it became known as “Washington’s breakfast bread” or “federal bread.”

Beat four eggs well; then melt a large Tablespoonful of Butter, put it in a Teacup of warm Water, and pour it to the Eggs with a Teaspoon of Salt and a Teacup of Yeast (this means Potato Yeast); beat in a Quart of Flour making the Batter stiff enough for a Spoon to stand in. Put it to rise before the Fire the Night before. Beat it over in the Morning, grease your Cake-mould and put it in Time enough to rise before baking. Should you want it for Supper, make it up at 10:00 o’Clock in the Morning in the Winter and 12: o’Clock in the Summer.
c. 1770

Modern recipe of Sally Lunn

Submitted by Carla Gade


  1. Hmmm . . . how would one do that toady? A teacup of yeast?? Reading old recipes is such brain exercise to convert for the modern kitchen.


  2. Some of these are difficult to translate for sure. I love reading them though, even if I can't decipher them.


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